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Sexta-feira, 15 de Julho de 2011

After years between management consulting, entrepreneurship and flirting with VC, I finally took the big leap.

I joined an amazing group in setting up what we hope to become Brazil’s largest and most successful VC fund.

Our team has a unique entrepreneur, Pedro Melzer, who started and sold 4 companies so far. He was the one to make the fund possible by leading its creation.  Pedro spent sometime at Apple and has an amazing rapport with entrepreneurs as well as incredible result orientation.

We also have Moises, who was a part of Decolar’s team during the start-up and later went on to McKinsey. After McKinsey, Moises went on to Pampa Capital and then Boticario’s New Business arm.  Moises is the analytical guy keeping us real. He is also an amazing thought partner when we are discussion portfolio company’s strategy.

As for myself, I am a bit of the two of them. I was in Droga Raia’s delivery service startup and ran a startup restaurant chain. I also spent time at McKinsey and at Aurora Funds where I learned and fell in love with the industry. Thanks Grant!

On our team, we also have:

Marcio Reis, an outstanding 3rd year-out associate from McKinsey who is, unfortunately going to do his MBA soon. He is the brain doing the work while Moises, Pedro and I are having a ball meeting interesting people ;-)

Caio Donato, a doer. Caio came to us from AmBev and Schincariol and is the most disciplined person I’ve met in a while. Caio uses his experience in running sales forces in order to support the portfolio company’s execution and sales efforts.

There are also non-operational partners that give us unique insight in the fundraising, governance and investor relations’ side.  Coming from important Brazilian families, these partners also enhance our network and add significant value to the portfolio.

With this team, we are trying to adapt the typical VC model to the Brazilian reality.

We have created a single space that our portfolio companies share and where we provide shared back office services. for this reason, we have chosen the name. Warehouse Investments.  Our space reflects our core-beliefs of being transparent, close to the entrepreneur and fostering innovation.?

We have decided to create the shared services because it is beneficial to the 3 parties involved. ?

Entrepreneur: the Brazilian bureaucracy is just overwhelming, hence the term “Brazil’s cost”. Given the lack of qualified services to support entrepreneurs, they spend a vast amount of their time, trying to deal with all the paper shuffling required to open and run a business in Brazil. More often than not, this is neither what gets them excited nor where they are at their best.  We, therefore, take on this role in order to free their time to actually run their business at maximum speed. ?

LPs: Differently from the US, in Brazil LPs might be liable for non-paid taxes and labor taxes from a portfolio company. Therefore, having a centralized reliable partner taking care of this is key to make the investments viable.

GPs: Having the financial, labor and fiscal data in-house gives us a clearer view of the company and enables us to take more proactive measures to secure the companies development and health.


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